Welcome to Sportopia

Sportopia (UK) is an integrated sport and lifestyle management company.

We help our clients incorporate regular sport – with all its health and wellbeing benefits – into their busy lives. This is achieved through workable programmes customised to reflect our clients’ goals.

Services for Individuals

After consulting with you a personalised plan is devised. These plans have the flexibility to respond to variables such as time, travel and work demands. We also offer bespoke services that manage your other needs or commitments.

Sportopia can service and help develop private groups and organise sport with your family and friends. We can also find you established group coaching or social sessions.

Services for Businesses

Sportopia organises one-off and ongoing team-building exercises, manages corporate sports clubs, competitions and family days.

Unique service for Hotels/Private Residences

Sportopia can provide a range of one-off sports activity sessions for individual guests which they can access with minimum fuss to the hotel/residence itself.

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